Who is Kony? "the most evil man on earth"

Who is Joseph Kony? 
Joseph Kony, "the most evil man on earth". Born in Atyak in Uganda 18 September 1964, the purpose of his guerrilla movement is, at least in theory, transform Uganda into a theocracy based on the 10 commandments. Kony abducts children are used as pack animals until they have strength. After they are thrown away, killed or left to die of starvation. Some girls kidnapped, the prettiest, they become the wives of Kony who has previously married sixty.

Kony is better known for other primates sad: there are about 60,000 children, who in 26 years, according to estimates by the World Bank, Joseph Kony, Ugandan guerrilla founder of "Lord's Resistance Army "kidnapped and then turn them into Ugandan guerrilla fighters or sex slaves in his.
Children who rebel and try to escape escaping their fate, Kony is cut off the nose, lips or ears, forcing a frightening ritual, criminal, they have to eat parts of their bodies cut.These physical abuse but the guerrilla leader is also famous for psychological abuse manipulation is the tool of Kony: some children as a rite of initiation are forced to kill their parents with bladed weapons.

The protagonist of the documentary is a Ugandan child, Jacob, who narrates his life at the side of Kony. A terrible moment of the interview is when Jacob looks in the room and says: "If you want to help me kill me." The video in the English language contains some strong images.


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