Asylum seeker boy in care of embassy

A 10-YEAR-OLD survivor of last week's asylum-seeker boat disaster off the Indonesian coast has been placed in the care of the Afghanistan embassy in Jakarta as efforts to find his mother continue.
Omed was the only child to have survived the tragedy, which cost the lives of about 100 people when the boat they were taking to Australia sank in the Sunda Strait.
His father, along with an uncle and a cousin, disappeared and are believed to be among those who drowned.
Omed has been given some hope of being reunited with family after another uncle living in Canada contacted authorities.
Indonesian authorities had erroneously stated on Monday that the boy's uncle lived in the United Kingdom, but Afghan officials said on Tuesday he was living in Canada.
Efforts to find the boy's mother, believed to be still in Afghanistan, have so far proved fruitless.
A spokeswoman for the Afghan embassy in Jakarta told AAP on Tuesday that the search for Omed's mother would continue, but expressed serious concern that she may never be found.
Although Omed was first taken to the office of the Director-General of Immigration after Indonesian officials declared he was a "special case", he was later handed over to Afghan officials.
The spokeswoman confirmed he was in the care of the Afghanistan embassy.
His uncle, who spoke to the boy on the phone at the weekend, is travelling to Jakarta from Canada.
There were also discussions taking place between Afghan officials and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees about the possibility of Omed being placed in his uncle's care.
The spokeswoman said that their first preference, however, was to find his mother.
Omed was brought to Jakarta on Monday, after initially being taken to the port of Merak in western Java, where the other survivors remain.
He was one of just 55 people to have been pulled out of the water the day after the boat, which was believed to be carrying at least 150 asylum seekers, sank last Wednesday on its way to Christmas Island.
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