65 Kidnapped Immigrants Rescued from Smugglers, Charged Outrageous Prices for Something to Drink

Border Patrol agents responding to a distress call in a Mission, Texas home found 65 immigrants being held against their will allegedly at gunpoint and being charged outlandish prices to be fed and nourished.

The immigrants are from El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico with eight of them unaccompanied minors.  Two men also undocumented were arrested at the stash house on charges of human smuggling.  One of the men, 32-year-old Jose Manuel Cisneros Lopez claims he was working at human smuggling because he owed his human smugglers $2,300 for his illegal passage to the U.S.
The rescued migrants allege they were charged 'exorbitant prices for food and water."  One migrant claimed he was charged $10 for a bottled of Gatorade, according to The Monitor
Mission, Texas is located in the Rio Grande Valley and has an overwhelming Latino population.  Other migrant stash houses have been found in this town of 40,000, one just discovered earlier this week. 

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