Detention intake all minors

THE latest arrivals at Pontville Detention Centre are unaccompanied minors.
It is believed about 85 children aged between 15 and 18 were dropped off at Pontville late yesterday afternoon.
An Immigration Department spokesman said "transfers of unaccompanied minors had begun".

"Pontville is a low-security detention facility which can accommodate up to 260 unaccompanied minors," the spokesman said.
He said unaccompanied children had been seeking asylum in Australia for many years.
"The low security at Pontville makes it ideal for the needs of families and children," he said.
The spokesman was unable to confirm the young asylum seekers' countries of origin.
The detention centre was reopened last December by Minister for Immigration Chris Bowen.
The 95 single adult Afghan men in first intake were the first detainees who were offered work in parks and community gardens.
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