Tony Abbott told to expect rioting over failure of Malaysian Solution

THE failed Malaysian solution will mean 600 asylum seekers a month would flood into Australian waters, overwhelming mainland detention centres and potentially sparking social unrest like the recent London riots, the government has admitted.
The figure assumes a return to the record levels of boat arrivals of 2010 last year, but instead of being filtered through offshore detention, asylum seekers are likely to be put directly into centres on the mainland like Villawood.
Such a scenario, the government warned yesterday, would overwhelm mainland detention centres within a year, sparking social tensions when asylum seekers overflowed into the community.
The stark future for border protection _  a result of the High Court's decision last week to kill off the Malaysian solution _ , scuttling plans to send 800 asylum seekers sent there, was given to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott  yesterday in a briefing organised by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
The government was forced to admit the cost of its bungled policy in its attempt to wedge Mr  Abbott on the issue, and persuade Mr Abbott to support the Malaysian solution through possible changes to the Migration Act.
Mr Abbott was told the Malaysian solution was the only way to break the people-smuggling racket, and that Nauru or Manus Island would not work on their own.
But the briefing came six hours after the Government released the same material to journalists in Canberra and while the PM was in New Zealand.
The tactic appeared to have failed as Mr Abbott was not entertaining a revival of the Malaysia solution last night.
"I restate our willingness to put beyond legal doubt offshore processing at Manus Island and Nauru," he said in a letter to the prime minister.
Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison, who warned of terrible conditions for refugees in Malaysia, said the Coalition had been consistent on its policy.
"Our concern about the Malaysia solution predated the High Court judgment, our concerns about that judgment continue," he said.
"The problem the government has is they have no policy."He said the Coalition would consider legislation drafted by the government.
The revelation comes as Ms Gillard announced she was cutting short her trip to New Zealand a day early, missing out on a Pacific Island.
Forum gala dinner. She will arrive back in Australia tomorrow afternoon.
A spokesperson from the PM's office said there was no specific reason why she was coming back a day early. But a function with the Wallabies was brought forward so she could attend.
Many of the 335 asylum seekers once destined for Malaysia will be heading to the mainland in the coming days, with the potential for some to be processed within the community.
Family groups and unaccompanied minors are expected to be the first in the group to be flown off Christmas Island. (


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