No to a new emergency Lampedusa

20 are unaccompanied minors, including 3 girls, present on the island of Lampedusa after being rescued days ago, in the shipwreck in which 5 people were killed.
The best sea conditions, as evidenced by the recent landings of these days have highlighted the resumption of the "ships of shame" from Libya, with their cargo of "dreamers of a better life."
The condition of "hospitality" are totally inadequate, as Save the Children has been able to verify, on the island as part of the Presidium, in particular, the worst conditions were observed for those who were housed, initially together with adults in the area marine Protected Area in precarious conditions of hygiene and environmental, without the abilityto wash, with difficult access to medical care needed.
The MSNA still have all fled to Lampedusa from Libya and originating in Somalia; The age is between 15 and 17 years, the youngest is a girl of 13 years.
Children, after about a week after their arrival, for unexplained reasons, have not yet been transferred to the mainland as it is happening but for adult migrants. After one year from the S.C. Emergency North Africa we see the daunting giventhat after one year we find ourselves without a system that addresses the organic national emergency minors.

We want our leaders to remember the art. 3 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child "in any law, decision, public or private initiative, and in any problematic situation,the interests of the child / adolescent must have priority"

So, we cannot afford, without an extensive organization and legislative reform, to address a serious emergency situation such as we have already lived in 2011.
Published 2012.25. march 


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