Asylum Seekers Syndrome

Australian researchers have identified a new syndrome, one that affects asylum seekers forced to live in detention.
The syndrome, as revealed at the last Congress of Psychiatry held in Hobart-Tasmania (Australia), Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists is a disease that typically affects those seeking asylum and that continues even after the period of detention, especially if the application was rejected.

This syndrome is manifested by depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), said Professor Suresh Sundram of the Mental Health Research Institute in Melbourne.
The professor adds that this syndrome has clinical features that seem more a collection of different syndromes.
A major expression of this syndrome is given by short psychotic episodes and confusion about their identity.
Alas, only now are beginning to emerge from studies that make us realize that the "administrative detention" without serious mental disorders, not least when written in the post foreign-non.html where we have talked about these effects of what will be the new generations, that is also unaccompanied foreign minors.
The discovery of this new syndrome results from an Australian study even more detailed mental health of asylum seekers living in the community, with which it was found a rate of mental illness "extraordinarily high", however, many have improved over time, unlike those in detention.
The most serious are those who have submitted applications for recognition of refugee status and repeatedly rejected, damaged, thus further from the experience.
The prof. Sundram said that "These individuals have a very strong story and that decisively contributes to mental disorder," and adds that asylum seekers facing racism, uncertainty and lack of support services, as well as the difficulty in produce documentary evidence necessary have great difficulty handling their traumatic experiences.
It should be noted that the study was made on asylum seekers in Australia, but these effects can be seen quite well in Europe, as evidenced by the latest study of the Refugee Council, which speaks of foreign unaccompanied youth detained in the CIE Britain's first week that is established by officials of the Immigration Department that they are minors and not adults, causing serious mental disorders.
I think it's time for institutions to wonder, really, what's happening in our CIE? Italy is such diseases and conditions causing indifference and complete disregard of women, children, men who only seek to be happy?

We can only reiterate our NO to CIE.


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